Seasonal Summit 2024

A group of exceptionally gifted coaches, trainers, teachers, influencers, and players, all gathered into one place for your benefit to finally make 2024 the year that you ACTUALLY take steps towards being the PERSON you want to be. That will lead to you being the ATHLETE you want to be.

Coaches and Mentors
Lectures Created for you
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Money collected for thought contributor of the month!

Some extra info on this team

These are all incredible people that I've met along the way in my journey that have helped shape me, or have ran alongside me. I might have quit had it not been for people like this.
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I've heard enough and seen enough of the same stories over the last 9 years overseas, in the TBL, and training alongside NBA players and trainers that I've broken down the main lessons that can actually change a player that is attempting to make the journey to his/her personal best self.
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As of right now I'm doing interviews with over 21 different players, trainers, coaches, managers, and influencers that are at the top of their game. As I meet people along the way I will add them to the summit. This is ONGOING for the entire year. So, for one price, you get the addition as well. Also, you can be the contributor of the month and win the pot by adding to this community.
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Our Team

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Jeremy Burright
Head of JBA and 2024 Summit
Professional Overseas player and Mental Performance coach since 2017
Timo Mariels
Licensed LPC, NCC, Counselor, Peak Performance, and Mindfulness Mentor
Greg Louganis
4 Time Olympic Gold Medalist 5 Time World Champion Diver
Eric Demers
Professional Player. Went from D3 to NBA G League and now Spain
Nathan People
Hollywood Stuntman and Actor
Betty Milner
After working as a software developer and...
Jane Doe
I came to Eduma ten years ago. I really enjoy teaching here as it’s...
David Magley
Mr Indiana, NBA (Cavaliers), Owner of TBL/BSL
Patric Young
NBA Pelicans, Euroleague, Final Four (Florida)
Mitchell Kirsch
Pro trainer - 10+ NBA, 100+ FIBA, NCAA, NAIA, 1000's of amateurs trained. Professional player in Norway
Jim Roffler
546-241 career record as coach, 2 NWAC championships, 12 time W Region coach of the year
Rashard Stringfield
Op asst NBA G league, Chris Paul HBCU scholarship award winner
Ryan Wimer
Entrepreneur, Videographer, Photographer, Website Designer
Jennifer Selinger
visual journalist, executive producer, marketing director, communications specialist
Keyshawn Liggins
Pro trainer, ex pro player
Josh Landers
Physical therapist, Director of sports medicine, instructor
Josh Wilson
Head of roots basketball, Big Sky MVP, 40, 40, 90 club, nau career assist leader, point guard developer
Mark Anderson
college nat’l champ, national coach of the year, tnba academy cleveland, director of coaching UBL