Simply send an email to or reach out to the instructor that you'd like to get help from on their instagram or website.

Yes, potentially. This is something that we will need to look at first. Based on how you deliver your message, you are welcome to either be a guest contributor, or maybe even become a member of the team.

Yes, I do 1-1 instructive speaking and interview lessons for anyone from the beginner stage to advanced speakers. You can also get the ebook from the market.

Making Courses

Potentially! You'll have to check out their website or dm them on instagram for individual prices

Not for 2024. These lessons are free on the site. Individual work may vary.

You are still welcome to learn from the website no problem. This was a niche put together for athletes, but athletics have a lot of translation over into the business world. And, a lot of this is about faith which is important for all aspects of your lives.

If You Have Any Questions You Can Call Me 24/7

Take the First Step

There's no sense in going through things alone. Having a skilled mentor that can help challenge you is so vital in our journies.


Forward Thinking

We've been through it. And, if not, we know someone who has been.

Forward thinking

Our mentors are from a WIDE variety of places. So, we don't think like usual trainers


Most all of us, put God first in our lives. Those who don't stlll lead with love. As Jesus said, "whoever is not against us, is for us"

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